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Curbing Anger and Transforming It into Peaceful Conclusion



Curbing Anger and Transforming It into Peaceful Conclusion

Anger is a form of energy that wells from within. It is easier to respond to it by releasing the energy, which may be what you often do, hurting people you love or placing yourself in humiliating situations in the process. Knowing what it can potentially do, you may also decide to keep it bottled inside, careful to protect relationships and your image. However, putting a lid on this powerful emotion or not responding to it isn’t healthy either as it can simply be suppressed for a bigger or more powerful eruption at a later date, possibly causing more hurt and embarrassment.

Understanding Your Anger

You can’t avoid getting angry because it is a natural human response to a stimulus that touches a sensitive chord in you. It only becomes negative when it is transformed into excessive rage that turns off logic. Anger without the temperance of reason can make it dangerous – a plain and pure response to the sudden release of the “fight or flight” hormone called adrenaline. Later, physically drained and worried about the people you hurt, you may regret the outburst having accomplished nothing productive.

Fearful of this consequence, it is also natural to try to control your emotion by putting a lid on your simmering anger. This may also be an unproductive and unhealthy way to manage your anger. Repressing your anger may cause you to unconsciously let the steam off by becoming short-tempered, contemptuous and unhappy. All these can gradually harm relationships, not to mention consume you and your physical health.

Curbing Your Anger in a Healthy Way

Anger is innately good and responding to it is both natural and essential. But for it to be a good thing in your life, you can’t let its powerful energy be your master. You may want to curb your responses so that it won’t damage your relationships, your reputation and your health. If you want your outburst to have a peaceful resolution or conclusion, you may want to harness its energy and transform it into something positive or useful.

If you think you are under the control of your anger most of the time and you can see how it is working against you and your goals in life, it is time to consider calling Carolina Counseling Services – Southern Pines, NC for professional assistance. If you want to start transforming this wasted energy into something helpful, creative and positive, it is important to learn to control your anger. Call now and request for an appointment with one of the independently contracted therapists, so you can curb your anger in a healthy way.

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