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Don’t Let Anxiety/Fear/Phobias/OCD Grow with Your Child


Don’t Let Anxiety/Fear/Phobias/OCD Grow with Your Child


You don’t need to feel all worked up if you notice your child has occasional fears or anxieties. It is normal. In fact, fear can make your child behave in a safe way. Though the emotion is unpleasant, it is a necessary feeling that every child must experience, particularly because it can help prepare him/her to manage challenging circumstances and disturbing life experiences.

If your child seems to have frequent or intense worry/anxiety, don’t discount the possibility, however, that the “fear” or “anxiety” of your child is more serious and needs attention. You can’t dismiss the fact that your child might be experiencing something that may keep them from enjoying their childhood.


All’s well in the Home Front

Most children experience fear and anxiety; it is natural as they grow up. Your baby feels anxious and will hug you tight when they see strangers, even burst into uncontrollable tears if a person he/she doesn’t know tries to carry him. There is nothing to worry about when your toddler exhibits some occasional separation anxiety; it is common for any child that age. Older children may experience some fears about things they hear about at school, from friends, etc., but once discussed with their parent, they are able to continue on and not worry.


When to Feel Alarmed

Fear is not normal when your child is gripped with extreme and irrational anxiety or phobia/OCD to the extent that it is preventing him/her to live a normal life. While your son/daughter may behave and seem normal for as long as the situation or object that scares him/her is not present, there are certain fears that your child must face. These are the objects or situations that cannot be forever avoided – staying in closed confinement such as planes, cars and trains (claustrophobia), ascending heights such as taking an elevator (acrophobia), or making contacts with people, animals and objects (fear of contact contamination), etc.

Some children refuse to go to school, refuse to be alone in the house, refuse to go to bed, and refuse to be away from a parent. Some children seem to be clingy, need constant reassurance, and throw temper tantrums easily, especially in certain situations. These are all anxiety signs and indicate that something more severe may be going on and there is a possibility that you will be not be able to resolve the situation yourself with your child.


Why is Treatment Necessary

You must not ignore these signs that your child is suffering from excessive fear and anxiety. If this anxiety is not resolved, it may prevent him/her from living and enjoying a normal childhood, it could get worse – even to the extent of becoming a full-blown phobia or OCD. People with OCD may be more susceptible to developing other problems or disorders – depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, ADHD, and other anxiety disorders. Finally, without treatment, there is a big chance your son or daughter may not be able to resolve it and have to live with it for many years and possibly grow old with it. Did you know that a significant 33 to 50 percent of adults with OCD start developing the disorder as early as pre-school?


Never Trivialize Fear, Anxiety, Phobias and OCD

While fear and anxiety are normal, they stop being useful when they become irrational and excessive. Do not trivialize any of these emotions to the extent that you will expect improvement to happen without treatment. As a parent, the recovery of your child depends on your prompt action and unrelenting support. Support doesn’t mean perpetuating the phobia or OCD, it means providing the opportunity to get a diagnostic evaluation and treatment as soon as possible.

You don’t need to do this alone. Carolina Counseling Services – Southern Pines, NC is here to help you give your child the opportunity to overcome his/her unreasonable fear for a rewarding life towards adolescence and forward. Make the first step, call us for an appointment.


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